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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tilde server?

In this context, a tilde server is any public server that provides free login access to anyone who wants access to it.

Why is there only one user account?

This would not exactly be "Tilde One" if there was more than one user, right?

If there is only one user account, how do others join?

Everyone is sharing the same account! When a user joins, they are given login access to the same one user as everyone else. In fact, not only will everyone be sharing the same user account, but also the same terminal session via tmux.

I have never used tmux before, how do I use it?

While there are many resources out there for how to use tmux, I personally suggest starting with this cheatshseet.

How do I join?

Simply follow the steps here to join.

How to I close my SSH session without closing the tmux window?

The setup is done such that detaching from the session using Ctrl-b d will also result in logging out of your SSH session.

How to I make changes to the user homepage?

Any and all changes made within ~/public_html/ will be reflected under the homepage.

That all sounds crazy!

This is not a question, but yes, it is crazy!